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Hollywood Memorial

Walt Disney

Chicago native, entertainment magnate and film pioneer most remembered for creating Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and a host of other cartoon characters as well as Disneyland and Disneyworld. He has won 32 Oscars, more than any other person, for his extraordinary achievements in films. Moving to Los Angeles in 1923 to be with his more successful brother, Roy, Walt began drawing commercially. In 1927, his first really successful commercial cartoon, featuring Oswald the Rabbit, became a success, but Walt lost the rights to the character when sued by his distributor. From then on, Walt insisted on owning the distribution rights to his creations. In 1928, Walt created Mickey Mouse and his third Mickey Mouse film, ‘Steamboat Willie,’ was the first cartoon to use synchronized sound and became an overnight success. Walt was the voice of Mickey for the first ten years of the cartoon. In 1934, Disney pioneered the first full-length cartoon movie, ‘Snow White,’ and again, critics were overcome by the sheer popular response of the public to the movie. Shortly after Walt’s death, the Disney Company executive board was shown a short film that Walt made just before his death, where he addressed each board member by name, telling him what he expected of him, and ending the film by saying ‘I’ll be seeing you.’ Interred with family in a private garden area at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.