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Private Parties

Host Your Own Event in our Theater

Looking for the Hollywood treatment? Rent your own private theater at Hollywood Blvd.

Perfect for a: Family & Friend Celebration, Corporate Meeting, Fundraiser, Field Trip, Holiday Party, Gaming Event, Sporting Event, Movie Premier and more.


SPECIAL!!! 10% Holiday Parties with a Special Holiday Package booked by 10/15/2022.  

Special Holiday Packages available only until January. Other restrictions do apply. Please ask at time of booking! 

To book your private event today email Dana@hollywoodblvdcinema.com

If you are looking to host a Field Trip, Holiday Party or Corporate Event please click on one of the buttons otherwise read-on.


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Blvd Private Event Package Options

Thank you for your interest in a private auditorium rental at Hollywood Blvd. Cinema. Below you will find most of the information and answers to questions you may have. If you decide to proceed with your event  please download the questionnaire at the bottom of this page and send to Dana@hollywoodblvdcinema.com.


Available: 11AM Saturday & Sunday, Monday – Thursday 6PM, For any other time ask at booking.

$3/ $6 per person additional fee for Studio Release movies. Rental includes movie +1/2hour of private theater time.

Food and Drink available at menu price for guests.

One item minimum is enforced for all guests. If not met host will pay additional $10 per guest.

Deposit: $400

  Rental Fee:

    $400: 30-50 Guests

    $600: 60- 90 Guests

    $900: 100-140 Guests

    $1,200: 150-200 Guests

Option 2Meal Package/ Included Rental

30 Guest minimum

$30 Adults: Includes Rental, 1 Standard Menu item, Fountain drink & Popcorn Box. Full Blvd menu available.
$20 kids (12 and under): Includes Rental, Kids Entrée (Hot dog, Cheese Pizza slice or Mac & cheese), Fountain drink & popcorn.

$3/$6 per person additional fee for Studio Releases.

Host will need to reach the minimum as a party total. No rental fee will be charged. Only $30/$20 per guest. Minimum is simply to make sure the theater gets to a set total.

Deposit is 1/2 of minimum.







30+ Guests $30/$20

 $750 Minimum

50+ Guests $30/$20

$1,250 Minimum




50+ Guests Ask at Booking

50+ Guests Ask at Booking

30+ Guests $30/$20

    $750 Minimum

30+ Guests $30/$20

    $750 Minimum




See Red Carpet

See Red Carpet

Option 3 Rental & Minimum

Typically for Independent movie releases. As your event coordinator for details. Basically  a sliding scale.

Red CarpetCustomized Events

Blvd would like to customize your event. We offer everything from Candy/ Popcorn buffets to Brunch! Please ask at time of booking. Must have 50+ guests. Package options as well as pricing can be adjusted. Buffets, plated meals, appetizers, drink packages etc. For a full Red Carpet guide please email Dana@hollywoodblvdcinema.com.

Party Room Rental$250 Flat Fee

The Blvd party room holds 30 guests. Flat fee includes 2 hours of private party room rental. 

Common Q& A:

How long will I have the theater? Theater rental includes movie length + ½ hour of private theater time. If party does not exit theater at designated time additional fees will occur.

What can my party watch? NEW Studio ReleaseAdditional $3/$6 Per Person Studio Fee. Blu Ray/DVD, TV, Sporting Events, PowerPoint presentations, USB Drive, Gaming or any other form of media. For upcoming new releases at Blvd- CLICK HERE.

Can I bring my own food? No outside food or beverages are allowed on the premises without prior knowledge. A Birthday Cake or Cupcakes are allowed for Theater Rentals Only. Blvd is not able to cut or disperse and outside food at this time. Please provide your own plates if needed. Goodie bags are welcome but cannot be dispersed until end credits.

Can I decorate? All bookings will take place exclusively in designated theater. Decorations are allowed with prior theater approval but must be taken down by Host. No helium Balloons Allowed. No glitter or confetti of any kind. Any extra set up or items needed must be on contract prior to booking.

How long will you have a movie for? No one knows! It all depends on how well it does. We can not guarantee a movie will stay longer than 2 weeks. Typically big movies can stay a month. Every effort is made once a party has been booked to keep a movie however.

Can I pick the theater? We will try to accommodate your request. Theater selection is based on event size as well as time of day.

Is gratuity added to my bill? All private rentals will have an automatic gratuity of 18%.

* All prices/availability can change until Contract signed & returned. Event is not booked until contract is signed.

Please download and email the questionnaire below to Dana@hollywoodblvdcinema.com.