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Terry Kath

Chicago born musician and founder of the chart-topping band ‘Chicago.’ While attending De Paul University in 1966, Kath formed ‘The Big Thing’ with Walt Paradaizer and Danny Seraphine. Within a year the lineup also included trombonist James Pankow, trumpet player Lee Loughnane, keyboardist Robert Lamm, and bassist Peter Cetera and became the Chicago Transit Authority. The band would become the opening act for Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Hendrix was reported to have said Kath was the better guitarist. He had developed an interest in guns and had numerous weapons in his home and often on his person. On January 23, 1978 at a party at roadie Donnie Johnson’s home in Los Angeles, Kath was drinking heavily and showing off one of his automatic pistols. He was asked to put it away. He ejected the magazine to show that the weapon was unloaded, returned the clip and placed the barrel against his temple. Reassuring everyone that it wasn’t loaded, Kath pulled the trigger. The chambered round that he neglected to unload killed him instantly at age 32. Lesson learned. The Los Angeles County coroner ruled the death an accidental gunshot inflicted under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He is buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale and on his headstone it reads: The ‘Memories of Love’ He left on Earth. All the World has shared. Rare and gifted, gentle man whose riches were a symphony of songs for young and old because he cared. Our Loved One.