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Hollywood Memorial

Jerome ‘Curly’ Howard

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. As a very young child Jerome was already interested in performing, appearing in small home theatrical productions with his older brothers Moe and Shemp. He idolized these two brothers, even though he didn’t get into show business at the same time they did due to his young age. During his late teens, he got married for the first time. The name of his wife is unknown to this day; his mother was very opposed to the idea of him marrying while still a teenager and had this marriage annulled in less than six months. After Shemp left the act, Jerome shaved his head, took on the name ‘Curly’ and joined Larry and Moe as ‘The Three Stooges.’ Curly made 97 short subjects with the group, as well as appearing in a few other features and short subjects on the side, in supporting or bit roles. His health began to deteriorate as he drank, ate, and partied to excess. In January of 1945 he was hospitalized for obesity, extreme hypertension, and a retinal hemorrhage. Eight months after his release, he met Marion Buxbaum, a divorcée with a ten-year-old son. They married almost instantly, and this marriage too did not last long. Many of his friends and relatives felt she was using him for his money. He had never been known for being very sharp when it came to dealing with women and managing money, and this marriage seemed to prove to them yet again his lack of skills in these areas. He bought her everything she asked for, such as fur coats, jewelry, and a luxury house. All of these purchases cost a fortune, and the couple began fighting before long. They separated after only three months, and this time Curly was the one who sued for divorce. His health had gotten even worse by the time the divorce was over and he suffered a major stroke. His brother Shemp came back into the team to take his place. At the time everyone believed it would just be a temporary hiatus but his health never improved to the point where he could rejoin the team, and he later died from the complications. He is buried in the Home of Peace Memorial Park in East Los Angeles.