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Hollywood Memorial

Ethel Barrymore

She was a legend on the New York and London stage for over 40 years. Her aristocratic poise and distinguished career earned her the sobriquet, ‘The First Lady of the American Theatre.’ Apart from an isolated role in MGM’s ‘Rasputin and the Empress’ in 1933, in which she co-starred with her brothers, she made no films until Cary Grant invited her to play his mother in the sentimental drama ‘None but the Lonely Heart’ in 1944. She won an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress and, at 65, decided to end her career as a character player in films. Barrymore nabbed six more Oscar nominations. The last surviving member of the ‘Fabulous Barrymores,’ she died two months shy of her 80th birthday, whispering, ‘Is everybody happy? I want everybody to be happy. I know I’m happy.’ Her crypt is in the mausoleum of Calvary Cemetery in East Los Angeles down the hall from her famous brothers.