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Hollywood Memorial

Carroll O’Connor

Best known for playing ‘Archie Bunker’ on ‘All In The Family.’ He substituted as a high school English teacher to keep up the bills until an acting job came along. He was given minor rolls in several films including ‘Cleopatra,’ starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Nancy, Carroll’s wife, was on location in Rome during filming of ‘Cleopatra’ in 1962. Meanwhile, Carroll’s son, Hugh, was fighting Hodgkin’s disease at 16 and began smoking marijuana. Hugh battled drugs for the rest of his life. Carroll tried to help Hugh with rehab and acting jobs from 1988 to 1994. Carroll had bypass surgery in 1989 but continued to star in his new television show ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ including his son in the show. His son was divorced due to the addiction and called his father despondent three times on his third wedding anniversary. In the final phone call Hugh told his father that he was going to kill himself. Carroll called police and by the time they could get to his sons house it was to late, he had shot himself. Carroll then made it his mission to get the man who had supplied Hugh with the drugs that he was addicted to. He made commercials warning parents to ‘Do anything to get between your kid and drugs.’ In 1998 he wrote his autobiography named ‘I Think I’m Outta Here.’ On June 21, 2001 Carroll O’Connor had a heart attack after complaining of chest pains. And although he had battled diabetes in recent years, the heart attack was a shock. His wife of 50 years was by his side at the hospital when he passed away two hours after arriving there. On June 26, 2001 a funeral was held for Carroll at the St. Paul Apostle Church in Westwood, Ca. The funeral was attended by 800 mourners and 200 fans gathered outside of the church. A violin solo of ‘Danny Boy’ was played during the service. When Carroll’s casket was carried out of the church he was given a final standing ovation and 76 doves were released, one for each year of his life. He is buried in Westwood Cemetery with his son.