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Hollywood Memorial

Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer

The Little Rascal was born in Paris, Illinois and is best remembered for his role of ‘Alfalfa’ in the ‘Our Gang’ series of comedies. His trademark off-key singing and straightened stuck-up hair endeared him to a generation of viewers, and while he appeared in many other movies he was type cast for life, his character name even being on his grave marker. In the 1950s, he had numerous brushes with the law, and two marriages that broke up, followed by appearances in a series of forgettable movies and bit parts, often unaccredited. He had some success as a hunting guide and as a professional dog breeder (the dog on his grave marker refers to this profession), and some of the larger Hollywood stars were his clientele, including Jimmy Stewart and Roy Rogers. In 1959, he died at age 31 from a gunshot wound by an acquaintance during an argument over $50 owed to him. A judge later ruled his death as ‘justifiable homicide.’ Buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.