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Hollywood Memorial

Betty Grable

Actress born of the ultimate in stage door mom, she began training her daughter literally from the time the child could walk and talk, teaching her to dance, play the saxophone and sing. Her persistent mother was able to land her a screen test resulting in an appearance in the movie ‘Happy Days.’ Upon the studio discovering her real age, they voided the contract. She married child star Jackie Coogan (later known as the Addam’s Family’s Uncle Fester) and his success helped her career by landing a major role in the film, ‘Down Argentina Way.’ She sang and danced her way to become the most recognized film figure during the war years. It was Betty Grable’s famous pin-up pose that cemented her stardom during World War II, as she became the secret weapon and moral booster of the U.S. Military. Her picture appeared worldwide, in military barracks, soldiers’ lockers, and the fuselage of bombers, trucks, tanks and posters selling war bonds. Her legs were reportedly insured for a million dollars and were laid in cement rather than just her feet for her ceremony at the famous Grauman’s Chinese forecourt. After being a co- Master of Ceremonies at the Academy Awards in 1972, she experienced trouble breathing and was rushed to a hospital. A heavy smoker, Betty was diagnosed with lung cancer resulting in death at age 56. The funeral was held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills packed with about every Hollywood show person. Betty’s favorite songs were played. Her body was cremated and the ashes interred in a crypt at Inglewood Memorial Park with those of her infamous stage mother. During the war years, she was the highest paid performer in films and earned over five million dollars in her career. However, upon her death she had many outstanding debts, from hospital bills to taxes. Her Nevada home was sold to the nearby Tropicana Hotel at auction. A poignant note was left in her empty safety deposit box, ‘sorry, there’s nothing more.’