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Hollywood Memorial

Ann Sheridan

Sheridan came to Hollywood as the 18-year-old winner of Paramount’s 1933 ‘Search for Beauty’ contest, and made her film debut in a 1934 film of the same name. Paramount kept her busy throughout 1935 with mostly supporting roles, even using her as a body double and she left the studio, winding up at Warner Bros., who billed her as the ‘Oomph Girl’ and landing a leading role in ‘The Great O’Malley’ (1937), starring Pat O’Brien and Humphrey Bogart. A succession of B pictures followed until director Michael Curtiz gave her the role of a strong-minded slum girl in his gangster drama ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’ in 1938. The success of that film earned Sheridan better roles in bigger pictures through the end of the 1930s and into the 1940s, including ‘Torrid Zone,’ ‘Honeymoon for Three’ and ‘The Man Who Came to Dinner.’ (She delivered what may have been the finest performance of her career as ‘Randy Monoghan,’ the loyal small-town girl in ‘Kings Row’ (1942, co-starring Ronald Reagan). She continued to act throughout her life, died of cancer at age 52. She was cremated and interred in a large niche at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, just behind the Paramount lot where she got her start.