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Our “Coconut Grove” auditorium is named after the famous old Hollywood night club where the 2nd Academy Awards Ceremony and the very first Golden Globes Ceremony were held. It can be entered via our elevator (for wimps) or a trip up the stairs through our medieval Moroccan tower where you can see memorabilia from the famous dinner and dance club, including a menu autographed by both Phyllis Diller & Judy Garland. The record “Garland at the Grove” was initiated her comeback after a few years of being shunned by the business.
We ran out of land so we put this, our most detailed auditorium ever, up on the roof. Straight from the Kasbah and right out of the desert you’ll find yourself sitting under a starry desert night sky (actually thousands of fiber optic twinkle lights) in our own little Casablancan oasis. Built with meticulous attention to detail, you will be surrounded by a dozen Arab buildings, each facade being a different color and stucco style, fitted out with thirteen types of decorative Moroccan ceramic tiles, three colors of barrel roof tiles, dozens of dozens of authentic pieces of Arab woodwork including doors, windows, shutters, columns, arches, balconies and railings, Islamic carpets, drapes, tapestries and even Bedouin tent sides and zebra hides. The over 100 authentic decorative Moroccan light fixtures range from small handmade lanterns to large chandeliers all made with stain and cut glass, beads, fringe, copper, tin and brass. Of special note is the pair of ornate wood columns by the elevator with intricately hand carved feathers spiraling up from base to crown. Nearby is a large metal urn with very delicate cut copper Arab calligraphy inlaid into the hand-forged brass. On the South wall is a pair of very intricate windows that were hand-chiseled by Berber tribesman from red sandstone quarried in the famous Riff Valley. The entry plaza is separated from the seating area by a series of five arches spanning over 40 feet and carved from native timber over 100 years ago. (Note the flock of vultures perched on one end, they are obviously scavengers and hungry by nature so keep a close eye on your popcorn.) The oldest pieces are the 200-year-old door, deeply carved with Arabic calligraphy with the letters highlighted in blue and the antique flintlock camel rifles from the 18th century that hang in the stairs connecting this grand auditorium to the street below. Humphrey Bogart is in the corner keeping watch over your movie experience. Bogie came to this auditorium “for the waters” and his real life son Stephen came to inaugurate this auditorium for the movie “Casablanca”. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)
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