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May 3, 2024

In case you have not noticed….Blvd loves horror. We have made some friends along the way partnering up to bring you some epic Horror inspired events all year long not just for the Month of Horror. Below you will see a constant rotation of fests, pop ups, screenings and special Horror events as well as new releases.

*Month of Horror passes go on sale in person 7/18 & online 8/1.


OPEN May 2nd- Tarot with a special guest on 5/3, 6-8pm Vanessa’s Psychic Readings



Proud host of Midwest Gore Fest has several events in the works at Blvd. Double features are $15 and have a 15 minute break in between the movies.

May 25- Double Feature: The Church & Cemetery Man with special Severin pop up-  details



May 31- Turantula (1955) sponsored by The Reptile Den with special creepy crawler guests.- buy tickets here

“Join us for a captivating evening starting with the classic film Tarantula (1955), followed by a LIVE demonstration and exhibit by The Reptile Den. Experience REAL TARANTULAS and other fascinating creepy crawlies up close! The Reptile Den is Chicagoland’s Greatest Exotic Animal Show.”


4/27 & 6/29: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (live shadow cast)

5/11: Psycho (1960)

7/18 – 7/24: Annual Jaws Screening



5/2: Cinderella’s Revenge

5/3: Tarot

5/17: Strangers Chpt 1

6/14: The Watchers

6/28: Quiet Place Day 1

8/2: Trap

8/9: Speak No Evil

8/16: Alien Romulus

8/23: The Crow

8/23: Blink Twice

9/6: Beetlejuice 2 (Tim Burton Month at Blvd)

9/20: Saw XI

10/18: Smile 2

10/25: Terrifier 2

10/25: Wolfman

12/25: Nosferatu