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Camp/Field Trip Info

* All prices/availability can change until Contract signed & returned. Event is not booked until contract is signed.

Thank you for your interest in a private auditorium rental at Hollywood Blvd. Cinema. Below you will find most of the information and answers to questions you may have. If you decide to proceed with your event on the next page you will find a list of questions needed to book, please fill out and send to Dana@hblvd.com.

Availability: Monday – Friday prior to Public showtimes (typically 5pm)

Pricing Options: All pricing is based on a minimum of 50 guests. Staff & kids included.

Student/Camper Pricing- Each student/camper will receive a slice of cheese pizza, box of popcorn & soda or water. This includes admission to a new release or DVD of choice. Only available Week days or Weekend Mornings. Per student/camper $14.50

Buffet Pricing-  Several different buffet selections available. Each includes a box of popcorn and refillable soda or water per student/camper. Starting at $24 per student/camper.

Custom- Blvd understands each camp/school may have different requirements during COVID. Please let us know if you have specific regulations. We will try to find an option to fit your needs.

Upcoming Releases: CLICK HERE

Please Download and fill out the Field Trip/Camp Questionnaire below and send it to dana@hblvd.com. You will then be send a contract!