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Hollywood Memorial

Harold Lloyd

Legendary comic actor in many motion pictures of the 1910s through the 1950s. Born in Nebraska, Harold’s career began at the age of 12. In 1913, he moved with his father to Los Angeles where the motion picture industry was still in its early stages. He then tried to break into the industry, taking any small part he could get. He soon made friends with Hal Roach, who was putting together his own production company. In 1917, Lloyd began work on an innovative character, one that was to remain his signature for his entire career. With round glasses, a straw hat, and an unkempt suit, this was something definitely different. He seemed to be the fool and the fox, able to outsmart the bad guy, but by just a little. However, in 1919, tragedy struck; while posing for a photographer, he grabbed what he thought was a fake bomb and lit it with his cigarette. The bomb exploded in his hand, costing him his thumb and forefinger. It was front-page news and was thought to end his career. Never the quitter, Harold bounced back and made dozens more films, among them the best and most highly acclaimed, ‘Safety Last,’ ‘Girl Shy,’ and ‘Speedy.’ Even into the time of the talking pictures when other silent film stars threw in the towel Harold never gave up. His was the first big ‘movie star mansion’ in southern California and set the standard for all those to follow. He died in Hollywood, a legend in silent comedy, entombed at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.