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The Jackie Chan Chopped Salad

Assorted greens, smoked bacon and everything chopped – tomatoes, carrots, green onions, grilled chicken and some pasta mixed with crumbled Bleu Cheese…$9.75

Honey, I Blew up the Salad!

Nothin’ small about this super secret mix of all kindsa fresh garden stuff like lettuce, tomatos, cucumbers, carrots and cheddar cheese with your choice of dressing. Size does matter…$9.50 (Add grilled, fried, or buffalo chicken strips…$2.75)

The Gladiator Caeser Salad

Big screen mix of crisp romaine lettuce, tasty croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese tossed with much fanfare in our own Coliseum sized bowl with our tasty homemade croutons and creamy homemade Caeser dressing…$9.50 (Grilled or Fried Chicken strips add…$2.75)

Anna Mae Wong’s Oriental Salad

You can’t go Wong with this big bowl of mixed lettuces & other green stuff, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, diced grilled chicken, dried cranberries, crunchy noodles, and chopped walnuts with a side of sesame ginger dressing…$9.75

Strawberry Fields Salad

Fresh sliced strawberries, Mandarin oranges, chunks of pineapple with Romaine lettuce, topped with a low-fat poppy seed dressing…$9.75 (Add grilled chicken strips for $2.75)

Tinseltown Taco Salad

Big freshly made taco shell stuffed with lettuce, tomato, green onions, black olives, ground taco beef, and cheddar with salsa and sour cream…$9.99

Available Dressings for Salads – Sesame Ginger, Bleu Cheese, Honey Dijon, 1000 Island, Ranch, Zesty Italiano, Caesar, French & Balsamic Olive Oil Vinaigrette.

Bubba Gump Cheese Shrimp

We stuff six jumbo shrimp with monterey cheese, then bread and deep fry them per a Bubba family recipe. Served with our homemade spicy cocktail sauce. Momma Gump would be so proud…$9.00

Santa Monica Shrimp and Fries

Six big jumbo fried shrimp with fries, served with our spicy cocktail sauce….$12.50

The Birds (Traditional or Boneless)

A Hitchcock-sized helping of jumbo bird wings dipped in your choice of hot sauce, BBQ, spicy garlic, honey mustard or Alfred’s Cajun style spices. With Bleu Cheese or Ranch with celery… $9.75 (Big Birds Double Order…$17.00)

Lord of the Onion Rings

Big bunch of battered, deep-fried onion rings for a big screen effect. One ring to rule them all…$6.00

Southwest Eggrolls

Howl! Bang! Smash! Ouch! Three Southwest eggrolls filled with Mesquite chicken, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, black beans, and served with homemade nacho chips and our own salsa sauce! …$9

Freddy’s Fingers & Fries

Chopped off from only the best chickens, these tasty breaded fingers are served up with your choice of dipping sauce – spicy garlic, hot sauce, honey mustard, or BBQ – along with our world famous Oscar Fries. Also available buffalo-style! …$10.00

Gluten-Free Freddy’s & Fruit

Chopped off from only the best featherless chickens, these tasty fingers are served along with a small side salad or with a fruit cup with fruit cut from real trees and put in a cup…$10.00

The Godfather’s Garlic Cheese Breadstix

Lotsa hot Mozzarella cheese squeezed into bread stix made with Sicilian garlic and then some home made Italian marinara on the side. Fit for the Head of the Family…$7.50

Once Upon A Time In Quesadilla

Three cheeses and tomato on a soft tortilla with a side of sour cream and our own special homemade special Guadalaja salsa…$9.00 (Grilled chicken or steak bites add…$2.75)

A Far, Far Away Veggie Quesadilla

Three cheeses layered between soft spinach tortillas with fresh green peppers, onions, and mushrooms topped with chopped tomatoes and a side of sour cream and our own special homemade spicy Guadalajara salsa…$9.00

Red Pepper Hummus

Fresh hummus with red pepper served with fresh vegetables and tortilla chips…$8.50

Potato Munchskins

There’s nothing tiny about this big batch of skins with your choice of bacon & cheese or cheese & bacon. Made from the original Emerald City recipe with potatoes from the Garden of Oz…$8.25 (w/Grinch dip add $2.75)

Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Nachos

Got munchies? Order our nacho corn chips served with con queso cheese sauce. Jalapenos, salsa, or sour cream by request. Plain $7.50 (Taco meat add $2.75) (Grilled chicken add $2.75) (Spicy guacamole add $1.75)

The Super Munchies!

This will conquer even the most serious munchies! Same as the Bill & Ted’s and topped with chili, lettuce, diced tomato, onion, and shredded cheddar….$10.00

Moe Stix

Mozzarella cheese stix served with our own fresh homemade Italian marinara sauce. Moe knows a great taste when it’s shoved in his face…$7.25

Grinch Dip

Some good healthy green stuff with melted cheese. Our incredible spinach and artichoke dip turns a frown into a smile and makes your heart grow four sizes! Eat your vegetables with your choice of tortilla chips, garlic bread cubes or both for dippin’…$10.00

Scarlett O’Hara Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes pulled from the good red earth of Tara, fried and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. You’ll never go hungry again…$6.50

/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/food_oscar.jpgOscar Fries

Academy Award winning crinkle cut fries with a side of hot melted cheese, just the way Oscar likes them…$6.00 (Smothered w/chili and shredded Cheddar add $2.00)

Four Star Sandwiches

Burgers, Chicken comes open-faced with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & our award-winning Oscar Fries or substitute Sweet Potato Fries, chips or fruit.

Special Effects: American, Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey, or Pepper Jack Cheese add $1 for two slices. Sauteed onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, chili or jalapeno each $1. Two thick strips of bacon $2. Bleu Cheese $1.50. Substitute side order of Lord of the Onion Rings $2. There may be a nominal charge for some extra dressings, sauces, etc.

Director’s Cut Steak Sandwich

Boss’s special cut of Texas Angus Steer and fries…$12.50

The Chuck Norris Chicken

There’s nothing chicken about this spicy hot buffalo kick’n chicken sandwich that packs a punch and is as awesome as Chuck himself…$9.50

Marilyn’s Grilled Breast of Chicken

Voluptuous chicken in our own savory marinade or BBQ. How would you like your breast?…$10.00

Super Chicken

Lemon herb marinated chicken with Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses between two slices of garlic bread. Ready to eat? Call for Super Chicken…$10.25

The Turkey Burger

Not all movies are huge hits, but this is a Turkey you will enjoy! We blend a great batch of seasonings with extra lean turkey, ground and cooked tender and juicy on a chargrill…$10.00

Eating Nemo

We take a big fresh salmon, cut it nice and thick, grill it, and put it between bread…$10.50 (also available blackened)

The Curse of the Dreaded Mexican Beer Fish

We take the fish & chips that the English were so proud of and batter a whole school of them with Mexico’s favorite beer, Corona.  It’s a much better taste for your seafood!…$10.25

The Cisco Kid

Southwestern spiced Angus burger or chicken’s breast – topped with spicy guacamole, pepper jack cheese and Pico de Gallo….$10.50 (Try adding bacon ($2), it’s really good this way!)

The Arnold Schwarzenburger

Big chunk of fresh char-grilled Certified Angus Beef served open faced with a side of Oscar Fries. It’s a meal fit for a movie…$9.50

The Terminator

We take two of our Arnold Angus burgers and place them in their best role ever. If you finish, you are terminated. No problemo!…$12.75

Betty Boop Bleu Cheez Burger

You get a lotta boop oop a doop in this blackened cajun Angus burger with crumbled bleu cheese and a side of Oscar Fries…$10.50

Attack of the Mushroom Burger

Big chunk of Angus beef, lotsa mushrooms, extra swiss cheese and a side of Oscar Fries…$10.50

The Chevy Cheeseburger

The cheesiest burger on the big screen with bacon, Cheddar & Monterey Jack cheeses and a side of Oscar Fries…$10.50

The Whoopi Goldburger

Great beefy Angus burger with Cheddar cheese, bacon and our special BBQ sauce with a side of Fries. Just before you burp, you’ll say whoopi!…$10.50

Three Amigos Tacos

3 freshly-made hard or soft shell tacos with fresh ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo.  Served with black beans and nacho chips!…$9.50 (substitute chicken for $2 or steak for $2.75)

Mr. Bean’s Black Bean Burger

Chipotle black bean burger…$10.00

W.C. Fields Philly Cheese Steak

Tender sliced sirloin steak covered with grilled peppers, onions, and mushrooms with Mozzarella cheese melted on top to hold it all in place, served on toasted French bread…$10.50

The Al Pacino

What else? The Don’s favorite Italian Beef served with hot Sicilian Giardiniera and chips on the side…$9.50

Kid’s Combo

Your choice of Hot Dog, Cheese Pizza Slice or Kraft Mac & Cheese. With a Kid’s Popcorn & Fruit Punch, Juice Box or Soda …$8.75

Spaghetti Westerns

Clint Eastwood’s Alfredo

A rich, cream-based butter and cheese sauce, loaded with parmesan served over penne pasta…$9.50 (add grilled chicken $2.75)

The Duke’s Spicy Alamo Chicken

Cajun chicken served over penne pasta with a sundried tomato Alfredo sauce with a hint of basil. You have to try it, Pilgrim!  $11

Momma Mia Marinara Pasta

Our marinara sauce combines vine-ripened tomatoes and a balanced blend of herbs, spices, and 100% extra virgin olive oil. Served over penne pasta. A sauce momma is proud of!  $9.00  (add grilled chicken $2.75)

Roll it! Wrap it!

The Roadrunner Wrap (beep! beep!)

Actually it’s southwest grilled chicken, but it tastes like Roadrunner with cheddar cheese, black olives, lettuce tomato and our homemade Guadalajara salsa in a cheddar wrap. With some nacho chips and more salsa on the side…$10.00

The Producer’s Choice

Crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, shredded Cheddar cheese and special chipotle mayo dressing stuffed in a tomato wrap with chips on the side…$10.00

Spartacus Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap

Blackened seasoned chicken, Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, creamy Caesar dressing in a soft flour tortilla wrap with some chips on the side…$10.00

The Shrek Chicken Wrap

Served hot! Grilled chicken, our famous thick green garlic spinach artichoke dip in a green spinach wrap. With nacho chips and a side of our spicy Guacamole…$10.00

Mystic Pizza

We create and hand toss our dough, use specially selected toppings, our own recipe sauce and real mozzarella cheese with our special blend of seasonings. It takes a little longer to cook this way, but it’s worth the wait ….so please be patient! The results are great and it’s a long movie anyway! Your choice thin or thick crust.

Build your own pizza with your choice of toppings including Pepperoni, Double Pepperoni*, Italian Sausage, Double Sausage, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Bacon, Black Olives, Onions, Giardiniera, Banana Peppers, Spinach, Roasted Garlic, Jalapenos, Extra Cheese, Italian Beef or Grilled Chicken (*dbl topping cost)

Jurassic Pizza

For a true carnivore; pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, ground beef, and mozarella cheese – $19.00 Medium, $21.50 Large

The Film Festival

A reel crowd pleaser; sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and mozarella cheese – $16.00 Medium, $20.00 Large

Shawkshank Margherita Pizza

Redeem yourself with diced red tomato, basil, garlic, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Forget about parole, this pizza comes with a “Get out of Jail Free” card – $16.00 Medium, $20.00 Large

War of the Veggies

Don’t fight over the ripe tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese – $15.00 Medium, $20.00 Large

The BBQ Big Easy

Chicken, tangy BBQ Sauce, cilantro, Monterrey Jack & Mozzarella Cheeses – $16.00 Medium, $20.00 Large

Cheese Pizza

$12.00 Medium, $15.50 Large. Additional toppings: $2.75 Medium, $3.50 Large.

Classic Movie Concessions

We don’t do much like those other cinemas, but if ya gotta projector, ya gotta have this stuff!

Big Screen Popcorn

Pilgrims poured cream over popcorn and ate it like cereal for breakfast?  We serve it in a big bucket instead. One big size fits all …$6.25, Refills $1

Soda, Soda & Moe’ Soda with Free Refills!

We got some! Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Iced or Raspberry Tea …$4.50. Bottled Water… $3.25. Cup of regular coffee …$3.25 Red Bull original, sugar free, orange or tropical …$4.25

Giant Movie Candy

Big boxes & bags of your favorite movie treats including Plain or Peanut M&M’s, Milk Duds, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids, Whoppers, Raisinettes, Twizzlers, Welch’s Fruit Snacks and Reese’s Pieces …$4

Chocolate or Vanilla Milkshake

With whipped cream on top $6

Exciting Conclusions & Happy Endings

Add a scoop of ice cream to any dessert for $1.25

Bullwinkle Brownie a la Mode

A delicious hot brownie with loads and modes of vanilla ice cream a la mode, chocolate syrup, whip cream, and a cherry! No Bull! Wink, Wink…$7

Technicolor Oreo Pie

Okay, so we lied, it’s actually just black & white, but it still tastes great! The 3 Stooges used it in all their classic films…$7

Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Thick chocolate cake right from the assembly line…$7

Oh God, the Movie Pie

Heavenly Bourbon Pie filled with pecans and other warm scrumdiddlyicious Kentucky stuff with a cold scoop of coffee ice cream on the side …$7

Chocolate Factory Gluten Free Cake

Wow this is serious chocolate.  Gluten free and flour free…$7

California Dream’n Cheesecake

Forget New York! This is good stuff, comes plain or with red strawberries …$7

Rascally Wabbit Carrot Cake

Made with carrots from the Bunny’s own garden with a recipe stolen from Elmer’s kitchen…$7

Non-Alcoholic Ice Cream Sundaes

Choice of Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…$4.75