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“Manos” Hands of fate – Not Rated

All dogs go to heaven – G

Amityville Horror – R

An American Tail – G

Animal House – R

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – PG

Ben-Hur – PG-13

Better off dead – PG

Beverly Hills Cops – R

Big Jake -PG-13

Blade Runner –R

Casablanca – PG

Casper – PG

Charlotte’s Web – G

Chicago – PG-13

Christmas Vacation – PG-13

Clash of Titans –PG

Clue – PG

Clueless –PG-13

Creepshow – R 

Cry-Baby – PG-13

Daddy’s Home – PG-13

Dawn of the Dead – Not Rated

Do the right thing – R

Dracula – Not Rated

Drop dead Fred – PG-13

Dumb + Dumber –PG-13

Elf -PG

Fargo –R

Fast times at Ridgemont High – R

Friday the 13th – R

Galaxy Quest – PG

Gentlemen prefer Blonds – Not Rated

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah – Not Rated

Godzilla vs. Mothra – Not Rated

Goonies – PG

Halloween -R

High Society – Not Rated

Horror of Dracula –Not Rated

Hotel Transylvania 1 – R

Howard the Duck – PG

Iron Giant – PG

It’s a Wonderful Life – Not Rated

Jake “the snake” Roberts WWE –PG-13

Jason and the Argonauts – G

Jesus Christ Superstar

Labyrinth -PG

Land before time – G

Leprechaun (all) -R

Little Shop of Horrors – PG-13

Love actually – R

Meet me in St. Louis – PG

Misery -R

Mortal Kombat (Annihilation, Legacy) -PG13 

Murder on the Orient Express –PG

National Treasure – PG

Nefarious – Not Rated

Night of the living dead – R

Nightmare on Elm Street – R

NWO: the revolution – PG

Overboard -PG

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure –PG

Poltergeist – PG

Pulpfication – R

Risky Business – PG

Saving Private Ryan – R

Selena – PG

Shaun of the dead -R

Sound of Music – G

Space Jam – PG

Spaceballs -PG

Stand by me – R

Star Trek beyond – PG-13

Stripes – R

T2 Judgment Day – R

The Boondocks Saints – R

The Craft –R

The Evil Dead (7+2) – Not Rated

The Giant Spider – Not Rated

The Grinch – PG

The Lost Boys – R

The Maze Runner – PG-13

The Monster Squad – PG-13

The Neverending story -PG 

The Shining – R

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – R

The Thing – R

The Warriors – R

The Wiz – G

TMNT (all) -PG

Top Gun –PG-13

True Lies – R

Twister – PG-13

Wayne’s World -PG-13

Weird Science – PG-13

When Harry met Lloyd –PG-13

White Christmas – Not Rated

Wizard of Oz –G