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Don't Dream it, Be It

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There will be no showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Sat September 7th.

This movie is often explicit in its content and is possibly not the best choice for people who are offended by vulgar humor or comments of a sexual nature.  In keeping with the Rocky Horror Picture Show's tradition, the performance cast puts on a terrific high energy show complete with special effects.  Things are always rambunctious and anyone attending their raucous performance should consider these factors prior to purchasing a ticket as admissions are non-refundable.

House Rules

1. Costumes are welcome.

2. There is a one item minimum purchase per person to enter our theater.

3. No outside food or beverages.

4. Anyone wishing to purchase an alcoholic beverage must be at least 21 years old with a government issued photo ID. A wrist band will be issued at the box office, must not be tampered with and worn at all times. One purchased drink per clearly displayed arm band at a time, you must finish your drink before being allowed to purchase another.

5. If you're under 18 you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

6. Keep away from the movie screen. Don't throw anything at it. Don't touch it.

7. We reserve the right to refuse admission or service to anyone or to eject patrons without a refund for any reason or for any violation of these rules.

8. We practice a zero tolerance policy regarding minors consuming alcohol. Any underage person attempting to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages will be detained and the police called.

9. No outside props are permitted. Only props purchased from the cast are allowed.

10. No Standing on tables, chairs, or railings. No running through the facility.

11. No throwing of food or beverages. (or toilet paper rolls, produce, fans!)

12. Please allow the servers to do their jobs without unnecessary distraction so that everyone will receive their orders promptly. Throwing anything at them or harassment will result in your ejection from the Theatre.

13. No running in the facility.

14. According to Illnois State Law and by order of the Fire Marshal, smoking is prohibted anywhere on the premises.

15. If you leave prior to the end of the film, you must present the receipt from your guest check to the security at the door before you exit.

16. Individual patrons are financially responsible for any damages they might cause or participate in.

17. Obey All The Rules !!!!!

By purchasing an admission ticket and entering the facility, patrons warrant that they will not bring in any prohibited items, agree to subject themselves to physical search for and surrender of such articles and to abide by all house rules and policies.

Sorry, but some people do stupid things so we gotsa have sum rules no one gets hurt.

Participation Kits

Participation Kits are available for purchase from the performance cast.  If you've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater on a really big screen, then you probably have never heard of Audience Participation. You no longer need to make that late night trip to the grocery store for a last minute prop run.

There are many different props to use during the show. Due to the nature of this film....No Outside Props will be Permitted. Please be courteous of the others in the theater. If you haven't yet, you may want to check out the Hollywood House Rules!

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