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Movie Trivia Night

September 4, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Do you know movies or simply enjoy a fun night out with friends? Hollywood Blvd has 5 trivia nights planned before the end of this year -  each one with an individual theme! 

If you are interested in joining as Tournament Members for next season CLICK HERE for details. 


Tickets go on sale at 5pm the Trivia Night prior at Box Office and 1pm the day after the Trivia Night prior. This Event Series does have a habit of selling out, make sure you get your tickets ASAP!

                                8/7- General Movies: 

                                9/4- Gangster Movies: CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets now.

                                10/9- Zombie Movie & TV Trivia

                                11/6- Animated Movies

                                12/11- Christmas Trivia FINAL TRIVIA of Fall Tournament


40 questions! With movie clips, trailers and of course music. We are happy to welcome back Carmelo Chimera of Chimera's Comics as our host & we will have some amazing movie prizes while benefiting The Nations Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Top 3 placed teams will win movie swag, movie passes and more!

Teams will be required to have 4 - 6 people and a team name. If you do not have 4 movie buff friends our host Carmelo of Chimera's Comics will put you with an existing team!

CLICK HERE For update to date news and to share with your friends be sure to follow the Facebook event. 

Trivia Team Score/Ranking- 8/8

Revenge of the Girth 32
My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem 22
And in Third Place 35
Maximum Effort 0
Never Go FR 23
Palm to Forehead 26
3rd Times A Charm 23
1912 Titanic Swim Team 31
Pumpkin Pie Hair Cutted Freaks 36
The Team That Never Wins 31
The Birds 21
Jailbirds 27
Kman Krew 22
Must Love Dogs 23
JC Giants 16
Team Fitz 17
DD-Dangerous Divas 18
We're No Schmucks 22
Schnitts N Giggles 12
Movie Misfits 26
Stupid Sexxy Flanders 19
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 28
Quiz in My Pants 16
Sho Nuff! 21
Trivia Newton Johns 8
Higgley Town Heros 20
25 Years 25
Puppy Lovas 16


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