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Movie Trivia Night

March 6, 2018 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Do you know movies or simply enjoy a fun night out with friends? Hollywood Blvd has 5 trivia nights planned before the end of this year -  each one with an individual theme! 

Due to the success of our Trivia nights in the past we have decided to begin a team sign up for our die hard fans who would like to come to each game. If you are interested in joining for next season CLICK HERE for details. 


If you would like to join our full-season trivia tournament, please email trivia@hblvd.com with a team name and a list of participants, and we will email you a link to purchase tickets.  Otherwise, tickets can be purchased individually for each event on the date that they become available.

     NEXT Season:

            January 16th 2018- Tim Burton Movies

            February 6th 2018- Sound Tracks & Musicals

            March 6th 2018- Sport Movies: CLICK HERE to purchase now

            April 10th, 2018- Comic Movies (Tickets available at Box Office 3/6/18, Online 3/7/18)

            May 15th, 2018- Disney Movies (Tickets available at Box Office 4/10/18, Online 4/11/18)



40 questions! With movie clips, trailers and of course music. We are happy to welcome back Carmelo Chimera of Chimera's Comics as our host & we will have some amazing movie prizes!  

Top 3 placed teams will win movie swag, movie passes and more!

Teams will be required to have 4 - 6 people and a team name. If you do not have 4 movie buff friends our host Carmelo of Chimera's Comics will put you with an existing team!

CLICK HERE For update to date news and to share with your friends be sure to follow the Facebook event. 

Trivia Team Score/Ranking

  Tim Burton Soundtrack/Music Sports Comics Disney Total to Date Ranking
Revenge of the GIRTH 32 32       64 1
Steven Hawking's School of Dance 32 28       60 2
I Thought this was Speed Dating? 37 21       58 3
Never too old to Rock and Roll, always too young to die 27 29       56 4
Reel Geniuses (PLEASE EMAIL DANA@HBLVD.COM) 30 25       55 5
Just Because We Answer Doesn't Mean We Like You 26 27       53 6
Gays & Straights 27 25       52 7
S***Hole Presidents 21 22       43 8
The Know-IT- Nots 16 26       42 9
The Killer B's 23 15       38 10
Lords & Ladies of Knowledge 25 10       35 11
Trivia Nerds   27          
2 Cub Fans & Her   16          
Six Chicks   20          
Ladies & The Tramps   14          
The Von Trapp Singers   27          
We're No Schmucks   20          
Singing S***hole Presidents   26          
Last Place   15          
The Miserables   24          
Reel Clever   20          
Trivia Newton Johns   25          
The Tinkerbells   12          
76 76 76 76   21          
Chitty Chitty Win Win   19          
Disney Nuts   20          
H & M   13          
Extraordinary   11          

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