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Who The Heck is Ant-Man?  An Introduction to Marvel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Smallest Hero

Who The Heck is Ant-Man? An Introduction to Marvel's Smallest Hero

With the arrival of Marvel's movie adaptation of Ant-Man in theaters this July, we break down the diminutive defender for movie-goers who might not be familiar with his story. Who the heck is Ant-Man, and how does he fit into the Marvel universe?
Background - Hank Pym
In the trailer for Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man film, we hear Michael Douglas's voice in conversation with several characters over clips of action sequences. Why is Michael Douglas so important that he essentially narrates the first trailer of the movie? Because he's Ant-Man! Sort of. Michael Douglas plays Hank Pym in the film, a scientist and the "inventor" of Pym Particles, subatomic particles that can cause a rapid change in the size and mass of organic matter.
Pym experiments on himself with the unknown and dangerous Pym particles (because why wouldn't he?), temporarily transforming himself into a insect-sized man. He continues his research in an effort to study ants, creating a helmet to allow communication with them, and developing a suit that would allow him to safely experience the effects of Pym particles. Because when dealing with dangerous, sub-atomic, genetic-altering science-stuff, safety comes first!
It doesn't take long for Pym to make the jump from ant-studier to superhero, and he begins putting his supersuit to use fighting crime as Ant-Man.
Fun fact: Although this deviates from Marvel's Cinematic Universe, in Marvel Comics, Pym was one of the founding members of the Avengers and was the creator of the villainous robot Ultron.
Pym/Ant-Man's Later Years
We know from the trailer that Ant-Man is portrayed by Paul Rudd, playing an ex-burglar named Scott Lang. So what happened to Pym? Bad stuff, essentially. Though brilliant, Pym's reckless pursuit of scientific advancement, with little regard to personal safety, leads to a series of disastrous events in his life (Pym's lab is basically an OSHA-violation carnival).
One such experiment-gone-wrong results in Pym developing schizophrenia and adopting the persona of a supervillain known as Yellowjacket. In the film, Yellowjacket will be played by a different character altogether: Corey Stoll's Darren Cross. Cross is the creator of a technology corporation that specializes in bio-engineering (Somewhat-related House of Cards reference: isn't it nice to see Peter Russo still creating jobs in his district?).
Pym's faults don't end there: wracked with guilt over the creation of Ultron, he becomes increasingly hostile and even abuses his ex-wife. Over the years, he has taken strides to make amends, but he will always be haunted by his past behavior.
Enter Scott Lang
The trailer for Ant-Man makes it clear that Pym (Michael Douglas), takes an interest in ex-burglar Scott Lang in the hopes that Lang will break into Cross's bio-engineering company to steal something (Pym particle technology? The Yellowjacket suit? A recipe for the perfect Reuben sandwich?).
Going into further details about Scott Lang may lead us into a potential movie-spoiler zone, so we won't go too in-depth into his story. If you're interested in learning more about Ant-Man, head to your local comic bookstore! We recommend Chimera's Comics, our neighbor and pretty much the greatest comic book destination possible. They're serious pros and will probably be able to tell you what Hank Pym had for breakfast on a Tuesday in 1972, or at least point out some great new issues of Ant-Man.
So are you ready for the diminutive duel of the year? Thirsty for a microscopic melee? You better be! Our first showing of Ant-Man is on Thursday, July 16th. And don't miss out on "Ant-Mania," our Thursday-night release event with comics, giveaways, and more! Tickets for opening night and the first week of showtimes are on sale now.



June 25, 2015
What a fabulous blog! This really makes me want to see this movie! I never knew anything about Ant-Man before. Your well written article will have me in line on opening day. Thanks for posting such an interesting and informative background of this new super-hero film.

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