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Stephen King's 5 Scariest On-Screen Characters

The king of horror Stephen King has created some truly terrifying creatures over the course of his writing career, many of which have made their way to our screens via feature films and TV miniseries.  With the pending arrival of IT - due to open in theaters on September 8th - we've compiled a list of his five scariest on-screen characters.
The Lady in Room 237 (or was it 217?) - The Shining
In The Shining, Danny Torrance tells his parents that a crazy woman tried to attack him in Room 237 of the Overlook Hotel.  His father Jack visits the room to reassure Danny that no one else is in the hotel.  To his surprise, he finds a beautiful, young woman, who turns out to be anything but a beautiful, young woman.
Room 1408 - 1408
Can a room be a character?  Probably not, but it's my list, so here we are anyway.  In 1408, John Cusack plays Mike Enslin, a successful travel author who visits and writes about haunted locations.  Although he does not believe in the supernatural, he receives a tip about Room 1408 in a Manhattan hotel and decides to investigate.  The terrifying remainder of the movie takes place almost exclusively in Room 1408, which tests the sanity of Mike Enslin.
Gray Widowers - The Mist
Pretty much all of the creatures that emerge from the mist in the appropriately titled The Mist are creepy, but the Gray Widowers are especially horrifying.  These large, spider-like beings use their webbing to cocoon and kill their victims (if they're lucky).  The victims that aren't killed are used as living egg incubators and a future food source for their thousands of baby spiders.
Zelda Goldman - Pet Sematary
Zelda Goldman, sister to main character Rachel Creed, may be one of the most tragic characters in the Stephen King movie-verse.  Born with spinal meningitis, Zelda is locked away as an almost literal skeleton in the closet of the Goldman family.  Zelda chokes to death as a young Rachel is feeding her, inspiring nightmares - and more sinister threats - for Rachel as an adult in the town of Ludlow, Maine.
Pennywise - IT
It.  Pennywise the Dancing Clown.  Bob Gray.  The Old One from the Todash.  Whatever you choose to call him, Pennywise has likely produced more nightmares per capita than any other on-screen evil.  Able to take any form, It prefers to appear as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in order to terrify, murder, and consume the children of Derry, Maine every 30 years or so.  With a film version of IT in the works to release this Fall, Pennywise will be able to haunt the nightmares of a new generation of children almost 30 years after the TV miniseries originally aired in 1990.


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