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Inside the Galloping Ghost, the World's Largest Arcade

Did you know that the largest arcade in the world is in the Chicago suburbs? On Saturday, July 25th, the Galloping Ghost Arcade will be bringing some of their arcade machines to our theater to help celebrate the release of Pixels as part of our Pixels Saturday event. We visited The Galloping Ghost in Brookfield, IL for a taste of nostalgic retro action and spoke with Doc Mack, owner of the arcade and Galloping Ghost Productions.
Hollywood Blvd (HB): You're always refurbishing and bringing in new cabinets. How many arcade games do you have on the floor right now?
Doc Mack (DM): Currently we have 475 games on the arcade floor and we are the largest arcade in the world!
HB: Can you describe one of your best finds (in terms of machines)? Something that was a personal grail of yours or exceptionally difficult to track down?
DM: We have several machines that are incredibly rare. Primal Rage II is a prototype. The game was never actually released and there are only 2 PCBs in existence. We have many games like Bio Freaks, Godzilla, Us vs. Them, and F-Zero that are all extremely rare. We have over 70 machines that we are the only arcade to have them.
HB: You have world records and Galloping Ghost (GG) records posted above a lot of the machines. How often does a GG-patron set a world record?
DM: It's almost every week there will be at least one new world record. Our regulars are always out doing their previous scores. We often have players travel in from all over the world just to attempt to put up a world records.
HB: World record scores mostly take place over a long session. Are they typically prepped for in advance or do they usually happen more spontaneously?
DM: Especially with our regulars, they come in with setting a score in mind. We have cameras on hand so they can record their achievements. Often we allow our player to stream the games they are playing. People from all over the world are able to watch as they set new World Records.

Not only does Galloping Ghost boast the world's largest arcade, they're also developing their own game: Dark Presence.
HB: Can you provide us with some more information about the arcade game you are developing: What have been the most rewarding/challenging aspects of development? When do you expect to officially release the game?
We are releasing Dark Presence under Galloping Ghost Productions later this year! It’s a 2-D one on one fighting game shot with live actors. We’ve been in development for quite a while and took a four year break from working on the game to open the arcade. We are very anxious to finish it and finally release it as we have had so many fans waiting patiently for it. We have a US tour already planned for it as well as interest from arcades in other countries. We plan on having a major release event at the Galloping Ghost Arcade once we are ready to launch it!
If you haven't had the opportunity to visit the Galloping Ghost Arcade, we highly recommend it. No need to put your quarter up on that cabinet: All of their machines are set to free play, and $15 flat gets you all the games you can play for the day. For more info, please visit their website at gallopingghostarcade.com and like them on Facebook at Galloping Ghost Arcade.
Don't forget to stop by Hollywood Blvd on Saturday, July 25th for our Pixels Saturday event, featuring the Galloping Ghost Arcade and NAMCO's Level 257!


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David Parry

January 10, 2016
Two of my favourite places in the Chicago area - Hollywood Blvd/Palms and Galloping Ghost Arcade!
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