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Good To Be Bad: Meet The Villains of Suicide Squad

Just when you thought comic book movies were played out, the villains have come to the rescue! David Ayer plans to turn the genre inside-out with his new film Suicide Squad from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

But who are the Suicide Squad? And why is this group of villains about to become your favorite heroes? As we get ready for Villains Night at Hollywood Blvd, here’s a sneak peak at the rogues we love to hate (or hate to love):
Harley Quinn
Who Is She: Formerly a devoted henchmen and lover of Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker, this psychotic supervillain is as dangerous as she is beautiful.

What Does She Do: Like the Joker, Harley Quinn possesses no super-powers - and that’s a good thing, because she’s dangerous enough at is! Unpredictable and deadly, her beauty and humor distract from how calculating and vicious this psychiatrist-turned-nutjob really is.

Why Does She Rock: Harley Quinn started off in Bruce Timm’s television show Batman: The Animated Series. But her popularity quickly transcended the cartoon, as she’s made her way to comics to become “the Deadpool of DC Comics.” Originally a metaphor for an abused lover, Harley Quinn has overcome the Joker’s hold on her to become a strong and sometimes noble character, independent of her connection to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Amanda Waller
Who Is She: The director of A.R.G.U.S., Amanda Waller is the mastermind behind the Task Force X - aka, the Suicide Squad.

What Does She Do: “Getting people to act against their own self-interest is what I do best,” she tells the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Suicide Squad. Waller is calculating and utilitarian, always three moves ahead of her opponents and always willing to make the hard choices. That’s why she forms the Suicide Squad.

Why Does She Rock: Amanda Waller may be the single most dangerous person in the whole of the DC Universe (besides maybe a certain vigilante from Gotham). Waller forms the Suicide Squad because she knows they’re expendable - and she’s willing to kill them, coerce them, or hang them out to dry if it means saving innocent lives.

The Joker
Who Is He: The Clown Prince of Crime is Batman’s arch-nemesis, and while most can only speculate on his origins what’s sure is that the Joker has almost no attachment left to his humanity.
What Does He Do: Part mad scientist, part serial killer, part practical jokester, part crimeboss - the Joker has been portrayed as an anarchist, a serial killer, a gangster, and a supervillain.

Why Does He Rock: “Nothing is ever what it seems with the Joker.” As funny as he his murderous, the Joker would just as soon tell you a joke as kill you. And that’s the gag: with his white face and rigid smile, the Joker looks like as much like a corpse as a clown. He gets that life is just one big joke…and that makes him impossible for his enemies to understand. That is, except maybe for Harley…

Who Is He: An expert former military sniper who never missed, Deadshot decided to contract his services out to the highest bidder as a ruthlessly efficient assassin.

What Does He Do: Armed with a hi-tech eyepiece to augment his aim, a wrist mounted machine pistol for power, and a bad attitude to match his even badder sniper rifles, Deadshot finds his target and puts him down. But he’s not just a ruthless killer…

Why Does He Rock: Deadshot isn’t cold-blooded or selfish despite how he appears - actually, he’s trying desperately to provide for his daughter, and to maybe one day become a part of her life again.

Killer Croc
Who Is He: Half-man, half-crocodile, all bad-ass.

What Does He Do: With incredible strength and a nearly indestructible hide, Killer Croc has almost been the death of the Dark Knight dozens of times over the years. When restrained he must always be muzzled because the snap of his jaws could chomp right through a person’s torso.

Why Does He Rock: Every team needs a total all-out bruiser, someone tough enough to jump front and center and vicious enough to fill opponents with fear. If the site of this human-crocodile monstrosity doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of (other) villains…nothing will.

There’s more to the team than that, so next Friday, August 5, find out why it feels so good to be bad and join us for Suicide Squad with Chimera’s Comics and We Are Cosplay! Tickets are on sale now!

Carmelo Chimera is an attorney and the co-owner of Chimera’s Comics in La Grange, Oak Lawn, and Woodridge. He is also a blogger, podcaster, and business consultant at Chimera Solutions and the author of the original graphic novel “Magnificent” and the crowdfunding must-read book, “Your Kickstarter Is About To Fail (And What You Can Do About It).”


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