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Dumb and Dumber Turns 20!

In 1994, an unlikely pairing of slapstick comedian Jim Carrey and serious stage and film actor Jeff Daniels brought the world a cult comedy classic. The now-famous Farrelly brothers made their directorial debut with Dumb and Dumber which launched their career when it became an instant box-office hit.

In this buddy story of misadventures, Lloyd Christmas (Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Daniels) are best friends living in Rhode Island who are too dimwitted to hold steady jobs. When they think debt collectors have come for them, the two set out on a cross-country trip to return a lost briefcase to a woman Lloyd thinks he fell in love with while driving her to the airport. The pair fails to realize it’s the briefcase the supposed debt collectors are looking for, as Lloyd’s love interest was dropping ransom money by leaving that briefcase behind.

When the boys finally arrive in Aspen to greet Mary, they find that the suitcase is full of cash, which they then blow on sports cars, gaudy suits, and pedicures. When Lloyd finds Mary again, Harry also falls in love with her and the best friends begin a battle for her affection.

But the Feds are hot on the trail of the kidnappers who have now caught up with Lloyd and Harry. The agents then use Harry as bait to trap the suspects which brings Lloyd and Harry back together again. By the time they finally return the infamous briefcase to Mary, it’s filled with nothing but IOUs which they claim are “as good as money.”

See all the hijinks on the big screen again when Dumb and Dumber comes to Hollywood Blvd Saturday, November 15th. Show starts at 12 pm (noon) and tickets are just $4.





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