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Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" on 35mm: Why You Need to See It

Christopher Nolan is a creative force to be reckoned with. The man who gained overnight recognition with his 2000 independent psychological thriller “Memento” went on to write and direct “Inception” and the three most recent Batman films. Nolan’s latest film, a science-fiction space voyage called “Interstellar”, is already causing quite a stir before its release.

In 1999, George Lucas released “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” digitally in a select group of theaters. Since then, studios and filmmakers have migrated to shooting, editing and distributing digitally for its ease and lower cost than film. Kodak’s plans to stop production of film stock earlier this year was successfully fought by the likes of Martin Scorsese, Jud Apatow, Quentin Tarantino and, of course, Christopher Nolan.

You can start up some major fights across the film community arguing if film or digital is better. It’s pretty much the equivalent of Sox vs. Cubs, but with peoples’ method of work on the line. Things can get heated and both sides have their valid points.

Here’s where “Interstellar” comes in to play.

Nolan shot the entirety of the film on 35mm and 70mm film stock; something that has become completely unheard of in the last few years. Understandably, he wanted “Interstellar” to be distributed on film as well. This was fought because of the price of film and the fact that all major cinemas have just converted to digital projectors. So Nolan and Paramount reached an agreement to distribute film prints to select theaters to show “Interstellar” during the week before its wide digital release.

So why should you care?

You may not have noticed the revolution to digital shooting and distribution as a consumer, but chances are you will notice what you have been missing out on when you go back to seeing film. It’s like putting on your favorite LP after only listening to it on CD for years. There’s something warm, human and (dare I say) even magical about analog media that somehow gets lost in digital translation. “Interstellar” may be your last chance to experience a new movie shot entirely on film and distributed on reels. Only 189 35mm prints of “Interstellar” exist, in addition to 41 70mm IMAX and 10 70mm.

Hollywood Blvd is proud to be one of the few theaters in the country showing a 35mm print of “Interstellar” to preserve the dying art of storytelling (and projecting!) on film. Tickets are now on sale for this special experience starting on November fourth.


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