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7 Things We Want to Know About Star Wars Episode VII

7 Things We Want to Know About Star Wars Episode VII

When I was a kid, I remember watching “Return of the Jedi” and wondering what chapter would come next. It’s hard to believe that a couple of decades later that “Episode VII-The Force Awakens”, is a mere year away. The recently-released teaser trailer did a perfect job of raising questions while creating excitement for the upcoming installment, even for those who grew a bit jaded after the prequel trilogy. Here are seven things this hardcore Star Wars geek wants to know after that 88 second glimpse of things to come:

1)     What upgrades can we expect the Millennium Falcon to have?


It’s been over 30 years since we have seen the ol’ gal in action when Han Solo loaned it back to Lando during the battle of the second Death Star. In the teaser, we can see Solo has replaced the radar dish with a rectangular piece after it was clipped off in a fight (“Not a scratch”, huh Lando?”). It’s safe to assume that Han has given the bucket of bolts a few more upgrades, but where?

2)     What’s the deal with BB-8?

 Arguably the most talked-about part of the teaser trailer is the “soccer ball droid” which we now know as BB-8. We hear some chirps and beeps from him as he speedily rolls across the desert sand. Some people (ie: William Shatner) have jumped to calling him the Jar Jar of the new movie. I’m not part of that camp, but I really do want to know what his role, if any, will be in the movie. If the ball is predictably kicked or shot out from underneath him for comic relief, I’m going to be mad. Got it, JJ?

3)     What planet is Kylo Ren hiding out on?


If BB-8 wasn’t the talk of the new teaser, this lightsaber certainly is. We now know that the cloaked figure is named Kylo Ren, and the quillons his saber is equipped with has drawn great criticism online. I’m going to wait to see it in action before drawing a conclusion on that one. But what I’m more excited for is the location Ren is staggering through. Something about it feels reassuringly familiar from the original trilogy. Is it a forest moon of Endor during winter? Part of Yavin 4? Maybe a wooded area of Hoth?

4)     Where is Rey racing off to?

We see Daisy Ridley kicking a primitive looking speeder in to high gear with a determined and panicked look on her face. This isn’t for a quick trip to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters. Her character looks like a scavenger; is she headed to the aftermath of the Falcon / TIE Fighter battle we see to grab some scrap? Is it safe to assume that she is living in that abandoned AT-AT camp the concept art shows?

5)     Wait, wait… wait… IMPERIAL PROBE DROIDS?

Okay, seriously- Am I the only one who has noticed this? In the opening shot of the Episode VII teaser trailer, right after John Boyega’s character Finn pops up on screen, listen closely through the music. Probe droids. Imperial probe droids. The same kind Han and Chewie encountered on Hoth at the beginning of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Is this what Finn is running from? Why would a stormtrooper be running from a probe droid? Unless Finn is actually in disguise ALA A New Hope as it’s speculated. Check and mate…. Maybe.

6)     “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

It’s only in the trailer for a few frames, but when the lights flicker on the row of stormtroopers before they’re dropped off, one is noticeably shorter than the others. Could this another clue that Finn is on a covert operation infiltrating the enemy? Or is this just JJ giving a nod to the original trilogy and giving fan boys something to write about in blog posts?

7)     What other fighters will we see?

One of the most cinematic shots in the teaser, in my opinion, was seeing a formation of x-wings flying feet above a body of water instead of through space. Not only has the traditional red stripe been repainted blue, there is a slight change with the wing placement. Instead of the wings meeting in the middle, there is now a slight separation between them. It’s really not a big deal, but is kind of like seeing an old friend age. Which begs us to wonder what other old fighters will we be seeing in this movie? Will  y-wings be spread a little wider? Will a-wings look a little sleeker? Will b-wings finally look somewhat cool?

 To mark the start of the one year countdown to “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”, join us at Hollywood Blvd for our 365 To VII event. In addition to showing “Spaceballs” back on the big screen, we will have The 501st Legion in attendance, AlterEgo Geeks connecting passionate fans and art from Mikey Babinski. After the movie, see the Episode VII teaser on the big screen seven times in a row, then geek out with a live recording of the Fly Casual podcast, recently featured on starwars.com. 


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